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P-26 tribute project

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Mayocraft, Inc. specializes in the construction and restoration of historic aircraft. The firm has a dedicated facility in eastern Massachusetts that is the equivalent of a small aircraft factory. It is populated with a diverse array of tools, talents and technologies from the past century of historic aviation -- all dedicated to the production of vintage flying machines from classic cabin biplanes to potent WW II warbirds

Waco YKS-6

For the past 40 years Mayocraft has restored, as either prime contractor or significant contributor, a wide range of historically significant aircraft that include:

• Waco UPF-7 open cockpit biplane
• Waco YKS-6 classic cabin biplane
• North American T-6 advanced military  trainer
• Grumman TBM torpedo bomber
• Consolidated B-24
• Boeing B-17

Waco UPF-7

Nathan H. Mayo, founder of and principal in Mayocraft, draws upon a lifetime of building and flying aircraft that began when he was 15 years old, followed by a career in naval aviation as an S-2 pilot and continues actively to this day.

Peashooter tribute commences taxi testing

Mayocraft has completed the "P-26D", a near-100 percent scale tribute to the Boeing P-26 Peashooter aircraft.  For further details please navigate to our project page.